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QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 28,000 organizations worldwide have empowered their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyse all their data for unprecedented business insight using QlikView’s simplicity.

Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easily accessible. Taking just minutes to learn, the automatic associations of QlikView create endless possibilities for making ad-hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures, cubes or hierarchies -- typical in other data analysis tools. QlikView promotes unrestricted analysis of application data, helping users make quick and accurate decisions.

It brings a whole new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data stores with a user interface that is very clean, simple, and straightforward.


The Associative Experience

QlikView enables users to gain unexpected business insights by understanding how data is associated—and what data is not related. They can conduct direct and indirect searches across all data anywhere in the application—globally or within a single field. When the user clicks on a data point, no queries are made. Instead, all the other fields instantaneously filter themselves based on the selection(s) the user made.

QlikView Product Suite

QlikView is a comprehensive business intelligence platform providing powerful business analytics to a broad range of users throughout the organisation. The QlikView suite is designed for application development and data extractions, efficient information distribution and powerful analysis for either the power user or end-user. QlikView can be deployed both offline and online, leveraging a range of industry leading technologies.

Fast to Deploy, IT Efficient

QlikView breaks out of the gridlock of the traditional BI world, where business users and developers spend months documenting and coding these requirements into dashboards, analysis, and reports, using different products for each output. Pulling data into QlikView takes minutes because data is not required to be staged or stored in intermediary formats such as data warehouses or cubes (although QlikView can source data from these systems).
QlikView integrates both the building of the back-end underlying analytic calculations with the front-end user interface. With this complete BI solution, developers have one place to build, instead of having to use separate BI tools for dashboards, analysis and reports. Finally, the resulting QlikView application provides powerful associative search and data visualization capabilities that allow business users to view their own slice of the underlying data.  QlikView dashboards can be built in as little as 3 working days (depending on availability of the data and complexity of the analytical application).  And with the way it works, a QlikView application can often replace hundreds of reports and the cubes that support them, reducing the dependence on IT and increasing Time to Value.

The Bottom Line

The leading BI products and Data Warehouse solutions have consolidated their offerings over the years, so much so that most features and functions are standard fare across all vendors.  The real differentiators that remain are 1) Time to Value (how fast can you deploy reporting applications);  2) Ease of Use (do user love interacting with data? They should); and 3) TCO (Total Cost of Ownership - not everything is priced the same or licensed the same). If you have any questions about QlikView or the BI market in general, please contact us at your convenience.