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Service Detail » My Cost Center Reporting

A series of interactive reports which drive a business analyst mindset through targeted steps. The underlying reports serve to provide “the Who” and “the What” for Cost Center expenses and/or revenues.

The My Cost Center application is built on the SAP Netweaver BI reporting platform and leverages report-report-interfacing (RRI) and either one of the standard reporting environments: Business Explorer (BEx) Analyzer or BW Web Reporting. RRI creates a relationship that allows users to jump from a summary report to one or more other reports that provide further details.

The starting point for the application is typically a high-level overview for a particular Cost Center or Cost Center group. Depending on the current snapshot of data, further action may be required to investigate certain variances by Cost Element.

For Example, a Cost Center owner notices an unfavorable variance to budget on their cash expenses for the current month. They point and click on the Expense figure and are taken to a second report which shows that  the costs are all related to the G/L for contractors. They point and click on the Contractor figure and are taken to a third report which lists the details of the individual invoices.

The My Cost Center application can be created with minimal programming effort, and only requires the standard BI reporting tools.Reports can be distributed via a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer which requires no additional software to be installed on users’ PCs. Finally, data-level security can be configured to limit the visibility of Cost Center data to only those who are allowed to view it.

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